Momento Flori

You planned, pinned, and selected your florist, who you trusted to meticulously curate the blooms that were arranged in your bouquet. You clutched it closely all day, posing for photographs, walking down the aisle and back up, holding it high in newly wedded triumph! But, oh! The blossoms will perish, certainly a romantic and enduring metaphor for life. But how can your bridal bouquet live on forever? You have seen the shadowboxes, dried or pressed flowers, the jewelry and the resin encased blooms. Eufloric Events is rethinking bridal bouquet preservation.

Momento Flori is the new bridal bouquet keepsake. Flowers are deconstructed, arranged artfully and captured with a scanner at high resolution. The colors are rich and the blooms appear submerged with the edges and tips crisp and detailed while the forms recede into space becoming softer in focus. This is a close examination of your wedding day botanicals, an artistic representation that can be printed, framed and hung on a wall or included in the final wedding day photo album.


Each bridal bouquet scan is thoughtfully created by artist, Paula Shoultz. She retrieves your bouquet up to two days after the wedding and gets to work before too much decay occurs. The scan is captured; afterward, you may choose a full resolution digital file be emailed to you or opt to add on an archival print in 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x24.

flowerscanjuly2018 2.jpeg

Full Resolution Digital File

Your Momento Flori scan will be captured at 600 dots per inch in order for finite detail to be captured at the surface of the glass allowing for crisp screen display. You may choose to keep your image in digital form or take it to your favorite printer to employ them to print at a size of your choice.


lavenderrosescan11_21_18 2.jpeg

Full Resolution Digital File Plus Print

Along with your digital file, you may employ the artist to print your artwork.

8x10” $200

11x14” $225

16x20” $250

20x24” $275