Heather + Noah = Married

Weddings are fun…Being in a wedding is very special… but being in your best friends wedding AND doing the flowers for it…. Out of this world Cool!


Over Labor Day, one of my best buds got married to the man of her dreams who, if you ask her, waited forever to pop the questions! Besides the point… Noah, you finally got quite the catch! After Heather asked me to stand by her side, my first question back to her was do I get to do the flower too???   To which she responded, ‘if it isn’t going to be too much for you.’ What!!.. Of course it won’t be ‘too much.’ I wasn’t holding a bouquet made by anyone else that’s for sure.  




Heather and Noah got married at Four Day Ray Brewing in Fishers surrounded by a packed house of people that love, support and care for them. This was the first wedding FDR hosted and they knocked it Outta Da Park!  Great food, Great staff, Great venue!  If you haven’t been there (you need to go!), the venue is modern in decor with it’s steel beams, glass garage doors, and wood planking throughout.  

When I asked Heather what she had in mind for florals for her big day, she basically said three things 1) I need a backdrop for the ceremony. 2) Complement the architecture and décor of the building without over doing it. 3) I trust you! Not a ton of guidance and a ton of pressure, but here we go…


We decided to go with a neutral palette to lighten things up since the building had dark features. Pale pink and ivory garden roses paired with fun poteas and LOTS of foliage! Check it out. All photos are by Kevin and Toni.



I always save the Bride’s bouquet for last, and this one was even more special for me. As I was putting this together, my mind was filled with memories from the last 13 years of friendship we have shared. Maybe that was why it ended up so Huge. This thing was one of the biggest things I have even assembled! 




The florals were the easy part! The hard part was figuring out how the heck we were going to hide a parking lot for the ceremony backdrop. I had to rope in my handy Hubby for this task. After many sketches, site visits (which always included dinner at FDR), and minimal arguments we came up with this 12’x12’ massive piece that seemed to do the trick. And you can’t just have a wall without flowers on it! Duh!



Heather and Noah, it was such an honor to not only to be a part of your wedding party, but to also design your flowers. You two have a huge place in my heart and the life of my family. I hope your day was a dream come true! 


Love you Lots!


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