Matt and Jen at Mill Top

I am so excited to share our first wedding of 2017! I have been eagerly awaiting these pictures and they are more than I imagined they would be. Well done, Violet Short Photography

Let me introduce you to Matt and Jen.  This beautiful couple decided to go against the norm of wedding dates and get married in the middle of January!  I think this is a great idea to keep the celebrating going from the holidays. 

When I met with Matt and Jen, they had a very distinct look they were going for. Jen mostly had the vision and Matt was very supportive of Jen's wishes. (Off to a good start Matt!)  The first thing she mentioned was her love for greenery and the unique textures it has. I couldn’t agree with her more!  And she was right on track with the trends since the 2017 Pantone color of the year is Greenery. Along with the greenery, she wanted a very simple palette – whites, creams, ivory. Nothing bold and definitely nothing resembling Christmas decor. 

The ceremony and the reception were at the Mill Top. This beautiful brick and timber historic building in downtown Noblesville was the perfect venue to showcase the vision the couple had in mind. The wrought iron, the barrels, twinkle lights against brick…a dream come true!

After a few revisions we came up with the perfect combination that would complement this jean jacket wearing, tennis shoe kickin’, Bohemian lady’s style. I’ll let the images by the very talented Violet Short Photography do the rest of the talking. We are so grateful to have such fantastic coverage of our work to share with you.

Aren't those images amazing?? Thank you, Violet Short Photography.

Thanks to Matt and Jen for letting us be a part of such a special celebration.