Beyoncé and Musings of 17th Century Flower Painting

On February 1st, the first day of Black History Month, Queen Bey dropped a bombshell. Well, maybe a few in one stunningly and meticulously designed image. The Carter family is growing by two! Beyoncé's fans are overjoyed for her (8.5 million liked her photo on instagram!) and count me in that. But, you know what really gets me excited? The art [that includes flowers, because, of course]. I see this image and I immediately wonder what went into it and what kind of conceptual message is being broadcast through it's carefully composed pixels. My mind reels and my fingers fly digging for answers and drawing connections between the artist, history, flower trends, and of course what Beyoncé is trying to say besides, "I'm pregnant, guys!"

The mastermind behind her shoot is an artist by the name of Ewol Erizku who is represented by Night Gallery in L.A. and recently exhibited at the Nina Johnson Gallery in Miami. It is said that he is inspired by 17th century artists Vermeer and Caravaggio and he has made it a priority to give a voice to people of color, who have been grossly underrepresented in museums, galleries, and art history in general. 

Erizku has collaborated with florist, Sarah Lineberger, in the past for a piece titled, Ask the DustIt is not confirmed if she collaborated here.

The use of flowers in the series is so exciting to us as florists. It is undoubtedly a reference to wealth, affluence, life and death (vanitas) just as it was in 17th century Dutch flower painting. In the last year or so, the floral industry itself has taken a direct cue from this 17th century Dutch flower painting. Rachel Ruysch, in particular, is a fantastic representation of this painting niche. She grew up in the Netherlands as it became independent from Spain. As this occurred, affluence grew and patrons wanted art that reflected their success-which was a departure from how the art world worked under the monarchy. Ruysch was born into a wealthy family of scientists, architects, and artists. She was encouraged by her father to pursue her talents as a painter, in which she did. She became a mother to ten children and was revered as one of the most successful artists of her day. I think we can draw some parallels here. Bey might not have ten children but she is a master at multi tasking as I might imagine Rachel Rusch had to have been.

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xoxo - Paula