Heather + Noah = Married

Weddings are fun…Being in a wedding is very special… but being in your best friends wedding AND doing the flowers for it…. Out of this world Cool!


Over Labor Day, one of my best buds got married to the man of her dreams who, if you ask her, waited forever to pop the questions! Besides the point… Noah, you finally got quite the catch! After Heather asked me to stand by her side, my first question back to her was do I get to do the flower too???   To which she responded, ‘if it isn’t going to be too much for you.’ What!!.. Of course it won’t be ‘too much.’ I wasn’t holding a bouquet made by anyone else that’s for sure.  




Heather and Noah got married at Four Day Ray Brewing in Fishers surrounded by a packed house of people that love, support and care for them. This was the first wedding FDR hosted and they knocked it Outta Da Park!  Great food, Great staff, Great venue!  If you haven’t been there (you need to go!), the venue is modern in decor with it’s steel beams, glass garage doors, and wood planking throughout.  

When I asked Heather what she had in mind for florals for her big day, she basically said three things 1) I need a backdrop for the ceremony. 2) Complement the architecture and décor of the building without over doing it. 3) I trust you! Not a ton of guidance and a ton of pressure, but here we go…


We decided to go with a neutral palette to lighten things up since the building had dark features. Pale pink and ivory garden roses paired with fun poteas and LOTS of foliage! Check it out. All photos are by Kevin and Toni.



I always save the Bride’s bouquet for last, and this one was even more special for me. As I was putting this together, my mind was filled with memories from the last 13 years of friendship we have shared. Maybe that was why it ended up so Huge. This thing was one of the biggest things I have even assembled! 




The florals were the easy part! The hard part was figuring out how the heck we were going to hide a parking lot for the ceremony backdrop. I had to rope in my handy Hubby for this task. After many sketches, site visits (which always included dinner at FDR), and minimal arguments we came up with this 12’x12’ massive piece that seemed to do the trick. And you can’t just have a wall without flowers on it! Duh!



Heather and Noah, it was such an honor to not only to be a part of your wedding party, but to also design your flowers. You two have a huge place in my heart and the life of my family. I hope your day was a dream come true! 


Love you Lots!


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Stop and Smell the Roses

I am dodging raindrops and soaking up the sun today-and best of all breathing in this fresh spring air. Easter was last weekend and I saw so many wonderful photos on social media of little egg hunters and friends dressed in their colorful Easter best. Seeing all of the joy lifts me up and gets me even more excited about all the good things to come from Eufloric Events. Locally grown flowers direct from Sweet Peas Flower Farm are already making their way into flower arrangements that are being delivered around the city for special events. (You can also find Sweet Peas flowers at Wildwood Market in Fountain Square each week.) Another sensational thing coming up is Roses and Rosé, a flower workshop and wine tasting event at the exquisite Daniel's Vineyard. This is to take place on Thursday, May 11th at 6pm. We are delighted to be partnering with them! Visit their website to reserve your spot.

I was thrilled to get to work some of Sweet Peas Flower Farm's colorful local ranunculus and poppies into a large arrangement for a friend's Easter celebration. Set in an urn that looks like it should have lichen developing on its surface, an ambrosial collection of blooms were bursting forth celebrating the occasion. In addition to the farm grown ranunculus and poppies, lilacs, Juliet garden roses, tulips, lavender spray roses, seeded eucalyptus, and Italian pittosporum came together and seemed to sing all the joyous hymns though fragrances, colors, and textures. It is incredible how flowers can have that transmuting effect. Flowers are hardly ever just flowers. So many of us have associations with certain flowers for specific reasons. We hold those dear and when we see, smell, or touch that special bloom, something happens to us. We remember a moment or a person and maybe we stop to breathe in and bask in that fleeting feeling. As a flower girl, I advise all people to stop and smell the roses. 

I hope the Easter Bunny brought all sorts of goodies to you. From here on, I will be looking to Mother Nature to bring us some gifts that we can share with you!

xoxo -- Paula

Matt and Jen at Mill Top

I am so excited to share our first wedding of 2017! I have been eagerly awaiting these pictures and they are more than I imagined they would be. Well done, Violet Short Photography

Let me introduce you to Matt and Jen.  This beautiful couple decided to go against the norm of wedding dates and get married in the middle of January!  I think this is a great idea to keep the celebrating going from the holidays. 

When I met with Matt and Jen, they had a very distinct look they were going for. Jen mostly had the vision and Matt was very supportive of Jen's wishes. (Off to a good start Matt!)  The first thing she mentioned was her love for greenery and the unique textures it has. I couldn’t agree with her more!  And she was right on track with the trends since the 2017 Pantone color of the year is Greenery. Along with the greenery, she wanted a very simple palette – whites, creams, ivory. Nothing bold and definitely nothing resembling Christmas decor. 

The ceremony and the reception were at the Mill Top. This beautiful brick and timber historic building in downtown Noblesville was the perfect venue to showcase the vision the couple had in mind. The wrought iron, the barrels, twinkle lights against brick…a dream come true!

After a few revisions we came up with the perfect combination that would complement this jean jacket wearing, tennis shoe kickin’, Bohemian lady’s style. I’ll let the images by the very talented Violet Short Photography do the rest of the talking. We are so grateful to have such fantastic coverage of our work to share with you.

Aren't those images amazing?? Thank you, Violet Short Photography.

Thanks to Matt and Jen for letting us be a part of such a special celebration.



Beyoncé and Musings of 17th Century Flower Painting

On February 1st, the first day of Black History Month, Queen Bey dropped a bombshell. Well, maybe a few in one stunningly and meticulously designed image. The Carter family is growing by two! Beyoncé's fans are overjoyed for her (8.5 million liked her photo on instagram!) and count me in that. But, you know what really gets me excited? The art [that includes flowers, because, of course]. I see this image and I immediately wonder what went into it and what kind of conceptual message is being broadcast through it's carefully composed pixels. My mind reels and my fingers fly digging for answers and drawing connections between the artist, history, flower trends, and of course what Beyoncé is trying to say besides, "I'm pregnant, guys!"

The mastermind behind her shoot is an artist by the name of Ewol Erizku who is represented by Night Gallery in L.A. and recently exhibited at the Nina Johnson Gallery in Miami. It is said that he is inspired by 17th century artists Vermeer and Caravaggio and he has made it a priority to give a voice to people of color, who have been grossly underrepresented in museums, galleries, and art history in general. 

Erizku has collaborated with florist, Sarah Lineberger, in the past for a piece titled, Ask the DustIt is not confirmed if she collaborated here.

The use of flowers in the series is so exciting to us as florists. It is undoubtedly a reference to wealth, affluence, life and death (vanitas) just as it was in 17th century Dutch flower painting. In the last year or so, the floral industry itself has taken a direct cue from this 17th century Dutch flower painting. Rachel Ruysch, in particular, is a fantastic representation of this painting niche. She grew up in the Netherlands as it became independent from Spain. As this occurred, affluence grew and patrons wanted art that reflected their success-which was a departure from how the art world worked under the monarchy. Ruysch was born into a wealthy family of scientists, architects, and artists. She was encouraged by her father to pursue her talents as a painter, in which she did. She became a mother to ten children and was revered as one of the most successful artists of her day. I think we can draw some parallels here. Bey might not have ten children but she is a master at multi tasking as I might imagine Rachel Rusch had to have been.

Eufloric Events might be new to the Indianapolis wedding flowers scene, but we are no stranger to every aspect of flower design. Combined, we have over thirty years experience in the flower industry and the majority of it has been flowering here in Indianapolis. We can design on any scale from the flower crown for the bride to be in an engagement photo shoot (or the flower back drop for your 17th century inspired maternity shoot) to the grand hall wedding reception where every corner drips with blooms. There's so much to celebrate! Let us help you with your celebration. Call or email to schedule your complimentary consultation.

xoxo - Paula

Sweet Peas Flower Farm Presents: Eufloric Events

Welcome, welcome! We are so excited to announce the launch of Eufloric Events, central Indiana's newest wedding and event floral design firm! From showers and photo shoots to bouquets, weddings and large scale corporate events, Eufloric Events' guiding philosophy is "There's so much to celebrate!" We have come together, three talented and professional designers, to share our knowledge, experience, art, hearts, and flowers with you. Sweet Peas Flower Farm grows a wide range of flowers right here in the central Indiana soil and we can't wait to incorporate these locally grown flowers fresh cut from the field into designs for your next event.    

Over the past weekend, we debuted our brand new company at the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. It was so exciting to create a vignette that exhibited so many of our strengths as a trio and tell a visual story of our purpose and process.

It was so thrilling to meet engaged couples; the excitement so many were showing is energizing. We can't wait to begin our consultations and get to work! 

We also really enjoyed meeting many vendors and reconnecting with several we haven't seen in a while. What a great opportunity!

The images below help to describe what we brought to the show to help tell our story.

Eileen, Cecily, and Paula are ready to chat about your next event. Send us an email to schedule your complimentary consultation. "There's so much to celebrate!"

Thank you for spending a few minutes with us here!   

  - Paula